End of an Era

Change is inevitable. This year has seen some incredible accomplishments through the efforts of the Foundation Board of Directors. Thanks to the capable leadership of Mr. Charles Schuster, The NW Florida GAL Foundation became the recipient of the 2018 Guardian ad Litem Statewide Non-Profit of the Year! No minor accomplishment as the competition is very tough.

Mr. Schuster has guided the Foundation from a small group of volunteers to a regional powerhouse committed to raising the awareness of the needs of the First Judicial Circuit and the children appointed to the GAL program. As the driving force behind the Foundation Board of Directors, his unwavering dedication and attention to detail has placed us among the top tier of non-profits in the region.

Unfortunately, Mr. Schuster is stepping down. Words cannot really express the depth of the loss to the Foundation with Chuck’s departure. Our thoughts and prayers go with him as he transitions to a life without Board meetings and fund-raisers. We know that Chuck will continue to be an important resource as the Board forges ahead. The Foundation is left in very capable hands and it is a comfort to know that we will continue to have the support and counsel of Mr. Schuster.

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  1. Chuck, we’re going to miss you. But you can be sure that the Foundation will continue to thrive as a result of the tremendous example you have provided in your tenure as President. All the best!

  2. Chuck, my life has been enriched through my association with you. Words don’t adequately express how thankful I am that God enabled you to be such a powerful leader and dedicated advocate for children. May He continue to bless you.

  3. You are a beautiful soul Chuck……and a powerhouse too! My life is richer for having had your mentorship as well as your friendship over the past 3 years serving alongside you as a board member. You always had faith in me even when I doubted myself. Thank you for believing in me, in our board members, and the children we serve.

  4. There are no adequate words to express to you what you mean to so many. Your vision has been clear, your leadership extraordinary, your attention to details impeccable, your love of the children immeasurable, your dedication to service unlimited. Those of us who have served with you are indeed saddened that you need to step down from your role as our president. We all understand, as your health and family come first……but your shoes are incredibly big to fill. However, your mission and the goals of the NWF GAL Foundation will be continued.
    We hope we can make you proud.
    Thank you, Sir!

  5. Chuck,
    You have been an inspiration to me and to others on this board as you are well aware. Your guidance and counsel will be missed.
    Although transition is uncomfortable; it is inevitable as the only constant in life is change to coin a phrase.
    I wish for you much happiness as you step down from this leadership position, knowing those who remain and those who join the team will endeavor to focus on the board’s mission.
    Thank you, Chuck

  6. Chuck,
    I can’t magine continuing this foundation without you at the helm. I don’t know how or when you had the vision to organize the NWF Gal Foundation, a story I would love to hear sometime. “Audere est Facere.”
    Before I joined the board I made many fund requests and received money that made a huge difference in the lives of the children I represented. I know now first hand how very important this foundation is to our volunteers and the children they represent. Before joining the board I had no idea how much work the foundation did behind the scenes on behalf of the volunteers and our children. I have observed the care and thought you give to every decision. You demonstrate the highest values and standards. Your insight and ability to problem solve is admirable . The growth of this foundation is a direct result of your commitment and dedication to our mission. I appreciate the guidance, patience and counsel you have extended me since joining the board. Your kindness has meant so much to me. It has been my great privilege to serve on this board and hope that you will continue to share your invaluable wisdom, it will be vital to our continued success!

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