Reflections from the Board – Success Story

One of my favorite GAL cases involved four beautiful, lively children. They had been removed from their home and placed with their grandmother. Unfortunately, they came to their new home with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. The parents had sold all their clothes, toys, and other belongings….to help finance their drug habit.
The grandmother did the best she could to provide for the children, but when “Back to School” time came, she was overwhelmed. 
Through the generosity of the GAL Foundation’s Children in Need fund, all four of these children were provided many of the necessary items for school! Each child was allocated $200, and I, as their GAL volunteer, was able to take all of them shopping at a local store. We purchased new shoes, socks, pants, shirts, underwear, pajamas, and several other special items that each child chose for him/herself. Although we spent over 4 hours during our shopping spree, the children were all so excited and appreciative. In fact, one of the brothers actually said, “I have enough now, let’s save some money for some other kids.”
We even celebrated our successful shopping trips with a McDonalds dinner!
Thank you, GAL Foundation! Because of your compassion and generosity, these four precious children had a wonderful start to the school year.
Denise Davis

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