Remembering Donna Hahn

We would be remiss if we didn’t provide the GAL family the opportunity to share their thoughts and remembrances of Donna. We all loved Donna and will miss her dearly.  We would love to honor her with your comments.

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  1. Donna was a perfect example of unselfish giving. She was a prolific GAL volunteer and even more engaged with the Foundation as the Chairman of the ‘Child in Need’ fund committee. She literally touched the lives of every funding request submitted to the Foundation, which will most likely approach nearly $50,000 this year. That is a significant impact on the First Judicial Circuit and the children whose lives we seek to change. We will truly miss her leadership!

  2. Donna would light up when she talked about the kids she represented as a Gal. The last time I saw her she told me about a five year old little boy who could sing any show tune. She said he changed the whole way she looked at the world. Donna loved being a Gal and loved the kids she represented. Donna had a great sense of humor. I’m very literal so sometimes I would wonder if she was serious or joking. Then she would smile and I would know . Donna had a beautiful contagious smile. Donna was a devoted board member and always ready to give a helping hand. The guardian ad litem foundation will forever feel her absence.

  3. It was my privilege and pleasure to have known and worked with Donna as a member of our Board. She was always ready to volunteer for additional tasks be they large or small. I loved listening to her stories about her three dog who were so smart she had to spell things instead of say them because they understood words. She was so dedicated to her volunteer cases and to our Foundation. She certainly earned her place in Heaven. Prayers and blessings to you Donna. You will certainly be missed.

  4. I’ve worked with Donna for six years in the guardian ad litem program. Her devotion to the children and the program preceded her. She was a mentor for new volunteers and the “go to” GAL on the very tough cases. Her dedication showed through on the many late night visitations and long follow up phone calls. She truly loved the children she helped and they formed lasting relationships with her. She was patriotic, artistic, an extraordinary volunteer, and a faithful friend. This is a tough loss to her family, friends, and the GAL program that will be felt for a very long time.
    – [ ]

  5. Donna was one of a kind !! She took being a GAL so serious by being the sweetest, kindest & caring person ever to everyone she encountered, especially the kids. Going to miss her immensely!!💜

  6. Donna had the most beautiful soul and was such a compassionate advocate for children. I feel beyond blessed to have known her. Rest easy, sweet friend ❤️

  7. Donna’s ready smile and determination to help the children she served will be missed. She was integral to the success of so many Foundation initiatives.
    I like to believe as Billy Graham once stated “ Someday you will hear that I have died. Do not believe a word of it. I will have simply changed addresses “ Godspeed Donna

  8. When I met Donna a year ago, her face radiated her love for what she was doing: helping children! She did such an excellent, efficient job in all things and especially in managing our Children in Need committee. I was blessed to have known her and will certainly miss her.

  9. Donna personified what it means to live a life of service. With a servant’s heart and a fiery spirit, Donna embodied what makes a great Guardian ad Litem. She exuded love and compassion but fiercely stood on the side of what she felt was just for children.

    Donna’s service to Guardian ad Litem is immeasurable. She was the voice for dozens and dozens of the most vulnerable children in her community. Donna was often tasked with some of the difficult and complex cases and she rose to the challenge without hesitation, because despite the heart wrenching narrative of why the case came to be, Donna knew there were children who needed her. And in those cases, they didn’t just need a Guardian ad Litem, they needed Donna. In many of those cases, without Donna’s tireless efforts, the outcomes may have been very different.

    What made Donna so special was how much she valued relationships with everyone she worked with. Donna extended her heart to everyone from her GAL family to the families of children, foster parents, caseworkers, teachers, counselors and so many more. But, above all else, the close relationships she had with each of her children was so very special. It was the sincerest display of love I ever had the privilege to witness. And to know she made some children feel love, when they had never really felt loved before, is nothing shy of amazing. I have always heard the saying, “There are angels among us.” I witnessed it by knowing Donna.

    The loss of Donna is tremendous for all who knew and loved her. She will be remembered forever and thought of often. I was lucky to call her my volunteer. I was blessed to call her my friend.

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